Systemation Technology Inc. is an engineering firm specializing in custom designs typically centered on flat panel applications.

Applications include:


  • Land: Video controller for tank monitor, with overlay
  • Video controller with rotate
  • Sea: On-board monitor system for submarine Monitor upgrade for Navy LCAC
  • Air: MCDU for data acquisition, navigational aid, flight management


  • Inertial navigation systems upgrade
  • Flight management computer
  • Radio user interface hardware


  • Next generation commercial washing machine controller
  • Oil platform range finder
  • Automotive video format converter
  • Hand held automotive performance device
  • LCD monitor controlled surveillance cameras
  • Gas Dispenser Monitor


  • High voltage power generation for portable x-ray
  • Non-radioactive blood sterilization technology

Systemation Technology Inc. has extensive experience in prototyping and production. Systemation Technology produces single or multi-board systems.

See FAQs for a product comparison and custom LCD product development worksheets.