S1220 Video Controller, Scaler

S1220 Manual

S1220 Data Sheet

S1220 LCD Controller

The S1220 Video Controller, by Systemation Technology, is a fully integrated video scaler. It accepts multi inputs, and outputs to all the common LCD types.

This board can “auto-size” and “auto-detect” all video modes, making it easy to use. There are no external boards required for LVDS.

The buffered Vsync output can be connected to backlight inverters or synchronous PWM controllers for flicker free dimming.

The multi input include:

  • Analog VGA (up to 1600 X 1200)
  • DVI (Digital Video Interface)
  • Composite NTSC or PAL video
  • Custom inputs, such as 875/ 945 line video easily added

This video controller, scaler board can drive digital TTL type LCDs or single or dual channel LVDS type LCDs, including:

  • VGA
  • SVGA
  • XGA
  • SXGA
  • UXGA
  • SXGA + SXGA Plus

This board can “Search for Input” or the user can select from the following modes:

  • VGA RGsB
  • DVI